The End of an Era..

Goodbye Metro Herald

DUBLIN COMMUTERS LOST their morning reading material today as the Metro Herald printed its last issue.

Thirteen full-time staff will be made redundant as publisher Fortunegreen Ltd shuts the doors on the paper, which has been on the streets of the capital since 2005.

Metro Herald is jointly-owned by the Irish Times Ltd, DMG Media, which publishes the Irish Daily Mail, and Independent News and Media (INM).

The paper began as Metro in 2005 and was owned by the Irish Times and DMG but became its current incarnation when it merged with INM-owned Herald AM in 2008.

Fortunegreen says it has been “fighting a rear-guard action fuelled by a prolonged recession and an evolving media landscape”.

The “casually-employed merchandisers” who distribute the paper will also lose their jobs handing out the 65,000 copies of the paper.

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Desperate Plea for 1D Tickets

Eight-year-old Ella from Kilcoole in Co Wicklow was so desperate for One Direction tickets for their gigs in Dublin’s 3 Arena next year, that she wrote a pleading letter to her mother’s boss in order to ensure her mother would be given time off work to buy them.

Ella asked her mother’s boss Kathryn to give her mother “40 mins off to try get tickets” before quickly adding “oh and if she goes get tickets could she have that day” as she realized that her mammy would also need to go to the gig with her.

The most pleading part of the letter was yet to come though as she assured Kathryn that “if you don’t let her i will be really sad and will die.”

Ella’s aunty Colette who sent us in the letter kept her mouth firmly closed as to whether mammy was given the day off work, but who knows Ella? Maybe Santy might bring them for you yet! All of us here at Her Towers have our fingers crossed for you (and also that Kathryn gives your mammy the day off if you do get tickets!)

Too Cute !


Who thought a holiday selfie, could go so wrong?

One woman wanted to take a selfie on her holidays to mark the moment she met a monkey.

Unfortunately for her, the monkey had no intention of taking part in the photo project.

One Imgur user ThatGuy1331, posted a series of snaps documenting the young woman’s horrified reaction when the monkey lashed out at the tourist.

All nice & peaceful…then,

The realisation, that the monkey wasn’t ready for a photo.

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